• Advocated for ballot measures to: (1) repair broken sidewalks & maintain parks, fields, and open space and (2) levy tax on sugar sweetened beverages and for proceeds to support Safe Routes to School (including retention of School Crossing Guard program endangered by UC budget cuts), as well as drinking water projects.
  • Advocated for adoption of Sanctuary City and Rent Review programs.
  • Advocated for inclusion of social services to seniors in Albany’s Resource Center program.
  • Advocated for installation of shock pad to prevent injuries at Gilman Street playfields, and replacement of play surfaces with non-toxic materials.
  • Worked with former Albany Police Chief Michael McQuiston to assure the public posting of police bulletins on the City’s website to keep Albany informed of police activities.
  • As a Waterfront Commission member and a Homeless Task Force citizen-participant, I advocated for restoration of the Albany waterfront to park purposes through intensive provision of services (including but not limited to housing assistance) to unsheltered people who had gathered in tent encampments there.
  • As a Parks & Recreation Commissioner I discovered peeling lead paint within reach of children on the flagpole base beside the playgrounds in Memorial Park, securing remediation and replacement by Alameda County.